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McGill’s Downtown campus gardens

Spring is blooming, and with it, so are McGill’s many gardens. Read More

Outdated: How technology has changed romance

In recent years, societal perceptions of dating have changed dramatically. With the advent of online dating, individuals have more options when it comes to whom to date and how. Read More

Mini Courses making a big impact

Through the Mini Courses initiative, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) has offered classes during the Fall and Winter semesters as a way for students to learn about disciplines that McGill does not typically include in its curricula, such as drawing, writing, and even birdwatching. Read More

Ask Ainsley: How can I move on after being ghosted?

Dear Ainsley, I was seeing a new potential partner and was really excited about him, but he recently ghosted me. Read More

Ask Ainsley: How can I make friends in my lectures?

Dear Ainsley, I don’t have any of my friends this semester in my classes, and I am wondering how to go about making friends in class. Read More

PGSS Zero-Waste Market encourages sustainability

The Post Graduate Students’ Society (PGSS) held its inaugural Eco-Week Nov. 12-25. Read More

Student of the Week: Richard Davy

In 2017, Canada saw 3,987 cases of opioid-related deaths, 72 per cent of which resulted from the use of fentanyl-laced drugs. Read More

Over the past year, McGill students have engaged in a necessary conversation about consent on campus: On Oct. 11, 2017, SSMU signed off on the Our Turn Action Plan, an initiative aimed to combat rape culture on campus. Read More

McGill-themed Halloween costumes

OAP beer: For this project, pick up a flexible poster board and white felt, along with brown, red, black, and white paint. Read More

Dean Buddle talks Reddit, podcasting, and student outreach

As part of his duties as Dean of Students, Christopher Buddle shares weekly wisdom with McGillians through his Dean’s Corner newsletter. Read More

Montreal’s greatest foes

McGill and Concordia have the perfect ingredients for a legendary rival: Close proximity, a shared language, sports programs, and bright students. Read More

Ask Ainsley: How can I balance my academic and personal life?

Dear Ainsley, I am new to McGill and trying to find time to keep up with my studies, but it is hard because there are so many activities and extracurriculars to take part in. Read More

Stand-in bars to help McGillians ‘Gerts ’till it hurts’ this year

It was most McGill students’ worst nightmare: Aug. 14, the Student’s Society of McGill University (SSMU) announced that Gerts would be closed for the rest of the 2018-19 academic year due to prolonged construction on the Shatner building. Read More

The best of the fests: A guide to Montreal’s summer festivals

While Montreal isn’t famous for beaching, hiking, or other traditional festival activities, visitors and locals alike enjoy its diverse offering of entertainment events every summer. Read More

Ask Ainsley: I’m worried I might fail a class, what should I do?

Dear Ainsley, I have not been doing well in one of my classes and now that finals are approaching, I am extremely worried about failing this class. Read More

How to avoid someone on campus

We’ve all been there: You’re walking on campus and you take a moment to look up from your phone, only to spot someone 20 steps away who you would much rather avoid seeing. Read More

Texts to send when you want to cancel plans

We’ve all been there: Making plans with friends days in advance only to wind up in your bed when the time comes, wishing there was a way to cancel without sounding rude or unappreciative. Read More

Ask Ainsley: Am I too late in applying for a summer internship?

Dear Ainsley, I am having trouble finding an internship for this summer. Read More

It’s cuffing season: Is getting into a relationship really the best way to survive the cold?

It’s over a month into second semester, and everybody knows what that means: “Cuffing season” have been in full swing for a while now. Read More

Video: Can Vegan Ice Cream Pass the Taste Test?

Upon the release of new Vegan flavours in the U.S., our student living editor and some friends try the vegan Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavours! Watch Now

Ask Ainsley: How do I manage a long-distance Valentine’s Day?

Dear Ainsley, Last year, my significant other of three years graduated and moved to Vancouver while I remained at McGill. Read More

Ask Ainsley: My ex and I share the same friend group. How do I navigate our breakup?

Dear Ainsley, I recently broke up with my partner, but we are in the same friend group so I’m forced to see them around my friends all the time. Read More

Finding the humour in embarrassing moments: Students share their most uncomfortable confessions

We’ve all been there: Wiping out in the middle of the Y-intersection, spilling Premiere Moisson coffee all over a new shirt, or running out of a class mid-lecture to vomit after a rough night out. Read More

Hangover tips to get you through McGill’s drinking season

‘Tis the season of drinking! With McGill’s competitive drinking season in full swing, and the cold weather prompting students to drink more to stay warm while going out, there are plenty of hangovers to look forward to this semester. Read More

Ask Ainsley: How do I overcome the winter blues?

Dear Ainsley, I’m an international student at McGill and I come from a country that experiences a hot a dry climate for the majority of the year. Read More

Last minute holiday gifts: DIY bath bombs

‘Tis the season of gift exchanges, twinkly lights, and hot chocolate. As students, though, our all-consuming studies intrude on this joyful season, leaving little time to find the perfect gift amid exams and essays. Read More

Making room for meditation: How McGill students find peace

It’s not secret that attending McGill comes with a slew of academic and social demands. As a result, many students experience anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems during their time here. Read More

The Tribune Tries: Buying groceries on a $40 budget

One of the many necessities of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood is learning how to budget. Read More

Markets of Montreal: A guide to exploring Montreal’s fall food venues

Now that the seemingly endless summer has wrapped up, fall is finally upon us–and with the changing seasons comes the perfect weather for strolling through Montreal’s food markets. Read More

Viewpoint: Trying (and failing) to run my first marathon

Sometimes life gets busy and it becomes hard to focus on ourselves. I, for instance, tend to neglect my health when school and work get in the way, eventually leading me to short, impulsive, guilt-motivated spurts of fitness. Read More